Unijump is a small 2D Platformer made for the LetsGameDev Community Challenge #3. The goal is simple: Jump on as many clouds and rainbows as possible to achieve the biggest highscore!

General Info

The restrictions for this challenge were simple:

  1. the framework does not matter, but the result has to be a HTML5 game played in the browser
  2. the game has to include a unicorn

I created this game together with Maya Kuscher, who provided the 2D assets. As this was my first time developing a game using HTML5 Canvas features and JavaScript, we wanted to keep the game’s complexity to a minimum.

You can play the game directly in the browser over here!


We wanted this game to be super quick to be pick up, and as a result decided to go with a simple jump mechanic that only required a mouse, similar to other jumping games. While the height difference between the platforms is constant, the placement on the x-axis is random and can create scenarios where players only have a split second to react. The placement of rainbows, which give a speed boost to players, is pseudo-randomly generated.