State Of Matter


State Of Matter is a 2D brawler with local multiplayer, made for the Ludum Dare 35. The theme was “Shapeshift”. As it was my first time participating in an online game jam, I am quite happy with the simple but fun result!

Two Jinns are fighting each other for fun!

Players can change their “state of matter” into steam, ice or normal water to take advantage of their Jinn abilities.
Ammo that hit the wall or enemy players fall down so that it can be picked up again.


For this game, I put the idea of shapeshifting and turned it into a combat mechanic. The basic idea was to avoid simple rock-paper-scissor system and instead offer different moves with different purposes that were only allowed in a specific form. The standard water form enables players to shoot, run and jump. Vapor is used both to let players reach height faster as well as dodge shots. The ice block is literally a block mechanic that, if activated at the right moment, allows players to be hit without taking damage.

Both the water guns the jinns are using as well as the ammo are part of the theme, because the jinns use their own material to shoot at each other. As a result, they have to pick it up again in order to not vanish. This creates fun interactions as players are forced to move around the map to pick up their ammo again, creating exciting gameplay scenarios!

General Info

I created this project together with Maya Kuscher, who created the assets and helped me with adjusting the design to make it more fun.

Each player controls a jinn, either the blue or the green one. Using different shapes and a water gun, they need to try and hit the other player 10 times to win. By default, the controls are controller vs keyboard, but those can be adjusted in the Unity launcher.

The UI is very basic, but Jinns have three different forms: ice that blocks damage, vapor that enables you to fly, and the standard water form where players can jump and shoot. Players need ammo to shoot, which can be picked up again after it hit a target or wall.

Gamejolt page (download and web version available)
Ludum Dare entry