SpellForce III


SpellForce 3 is the third installation of the classic SpellForce series and the first project of Grimlore Games.
I joined the team in June 2017 as a Junior Game/Content Designer and assisted in designing and implementing the campaign, balancing the multiplayer of the gameand various other tasks.

Personal responsibilities

  • Worked on campaign missions and quests based on existing design
    • Worked on quest implementation with internal toolchain: Articy:Draft, AngelScript, internal Level and Data Editor
    • Iterated on mission designs and feel
    • Worked together with level designers on general level and encounter design in accordance to the mission design
  • Worked on multiplayer / skirmish design and balance based
    • Assisted in design iteration for economy, unit design
    • Iterated on item and RPG progression for multiplayer
    • Post-release balance patches for multiplayer
  • Assisted Game Design in concepts, documentation and other tasks
  • Community interaction, events, feedback-gathering and more