SpellForce 3


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SpellForce 3 is the third installation of the classic SpellForce series and the first project of Grimlore Games. I joined the team in June 2017 as a Junior Game/Content Designer and assisted in designing and implementing the campaign, balancing the multiplayer of the gameand various other tasks.

Personal responsibilities

  • Worked on campaign missions and quests based on existing design
    • Worked on quest implementation with internal toolchain: Articy:Draft, AngelScript, internal Level and Data Editor
    • Iterated on mission designs and feel
    • Worked together with level designers on general level and encounter design in accordance to the mission design
  • Worked on multiplayer / skirmish design and balance based on design guidelines
    • Assisted in design iteration for economy, unit design
    • Iterated on item and RPG progression for multiplayer
    • Post-release balance patches for multiplayer
  • Assisted Game Design in concepts, documentation and other tasks
  • Community interaction,events, feedback-gathering and more

Game Details

SpellForce 3 features both deep RPG gameplay as well as strategic and tactical RTS gameplay. You control a party of up to four heroes that can progress through story, experience levels and gear – but you also build up an economy and a large army in a unique RTS fashion.

The two systems are not just thrown into the blender, but instead carefully intertwined: You need to use your heroes to start the expansion for your RTS base, and enemies you face are often too strong to simply crush them with your heroes. You as the player need to carefully balance the attention between RPG and RTS, but get all the tools to do so.

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