About me


Ever since I started playing games, I had a passion for interesting gameplay systems and mechanics. I was fascinated by the many ways I could play against or together with my friends and family, or how I could immerse myself in beautifully-crated worlds with interesting characters and sceneries.

When I first started to learn basic programming, my goal was to create games, like the ones I played, myself. I picked up many tools and programming languages including C++ to get my first actual experience in game development. While studying Computer Science, I realized that I am also interested in the design side of things and that Game Design and the technicalities behind game development is a fascinating field that I want to specialize in.

I started creating and entering development teams to further extend my knowledge and gain experience. While working on different student and hobbyist projects I learned that I can be passionate about any kind of project, as long as there is a clear vision and a motivated team. I also started to extensively study Game Design and related topics, such as psychology, game theory and system theory during this time.

I believe that the biggest challenge for Game Designers is to combine creative and innovative thinking with systematic and logical principles in order to create engaging and exciting gameplay.

If I am not thinking, creating or playing all kinds of games, I dive into other media or try to learn more about the world through studying, travelling and talking to people.

Feel free to contact me about interesting projects, challenges and opportunities, or see my CV first!