Alexander Heese

Senior Game Designer @ Grimlore Games, Munich


About Me

Welcome! I'm Alexander Kevin Heese, seasoned Game Designer from Germany, currently working as Senior Game Designer at Grimlore Games in Munich.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, I bring over six years of experience in the gaming industry. My professional path features contributions to titles such as "SpellForce 3" and its expansions as well as "Titan Quest 2". In addition to my career achievements, I have organized Game Jams, dedicated time to various personal and hobbyist projects, and consistently focused on self-development and honing my skills.

I'm always open for a chat about my work or potential collaborations. Feel free to connect with me through the social links below or simply drop me an email!

For a closer look at my projects and contributions, simply scroll down. Thanks for stopping by!


Titan Quest 2

Release: TBA

Spellforce 3: Reforced

Release: 2021
Console Release: 2022

SpellForce 3: Versus

Release: 2020

SpellForce 3: Fallen God

Release: 2020

SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest

Release: 2018

SpellForce 3

Release: 2017


Game Design

6+ Years of experience as an integral part of every stage of game development: from conception and prototyping to implementation, polishing, and balancing.

Systems Design

My passion lies in crafting innovative systems that keep players' experiences in mind: elegantly simple yet offering rich depth to engage players worldwide.

Technical Game Design

With my background in Computer Science I am able to independently prototype and collaborate across departments to spearhead new systems.

Player-Centric Design

My design philosophy prioritizes player experience, crafting systems within constraints to enhance gameplay that truly resonates with players.

Team Player

Having lead feature teams, I have an understanding for required departments and try to foster synergy in order to create well-rounded game experiences.


Proficient in diverse tools and engines, I possess an insatiable drive to expand my knowledge. Embracing new concepts, I thrive on tackling challenges.

Awarded Projects